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A beautiful town, with all kinds of services, great restaurants and a rich cultural history make our town an ideal place to visit or live.

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Livestock Fair: October 5
Easter Monday
August 25

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The Church of Our Lady of the Purification of Bossòst (12th century) is a Cultural Asset of National Interest in the category of Historical Monument


The Bossòst sports area consists of a gym, aerobics room, tennis courts, squash court, swimming pool, changing rooms with sauna, children’s playground..

Bossòst is the only town in Aran that has preserved these processions. Every year we can attend Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

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A walk through Bossòst …

Bossòst, with almost 1,200 inhabitants, hosts a unique cultural and natural heritage, such as our church of the Purification (Cultural Asset of National Interest), the Protective Routes of the hermitages
surrounding the town, or one of the most spectacular landscapes in the Pyrenees, in Còth de Barètja.

You can also visit Aran Park, in Portilhon, the park of flora and fauna for the whole family, and, as no, our town, set up by the promenade of Eth Grauèr and the old town of Cap dera Vila.

We are the only Aranese people who have preserved the processions
of Easter, with more than a hundred years of history, and a hard-working football team that plays in the French league, oriented as we are towards Occitania. School, Sports Area, medical center, pharmacy, retirement center, are other of the entities and services you can find there.

Routes: Còth de Barteja, natural viewpoint of Les Maladetes. The Victoria Mines, the Soala Casteràs, the Montlude, are several of the routes you can enjoy from Bossòst

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Bossòst has a commercial axis and a rich and excellent gastronomic offer, as well as accommodation for its visitors.

Our restaurants are the ideal place to enjoy the best cuisine.

Eth Grauer

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S’ès resident en Bossòst, descarga-te ací tota era informacion e era sollicitud tipe qu’as de besonh entà demanar... Read More ABONATGES BAQUEIRA/BERET 23/24

Naues activitats en Casau Sociau de Bossòst

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A compdar deth 4 de seteme comencen es activitats deth Casau Sociau. Aguestes activitats son dubèrtes a totes es persones que i volguen... Read More Naues activitats en Casau Sociau de Bossòst

Bossòst millorarà enguany el camí de Camon per convertir-lo en un passeig fluvial

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Impulsa també un nou projecte de protecció del municipi davant de les avingudes del riu Garona L’Ajuntament de Bossòst ha confirmat... Read More Bossòst millorarà enguany el camí de Camon per convertir-lo en un passeig fluvial

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