When we say “the heart of Aran,” we mean art, culture, and recreation.

Whether it’s culture or just a getaway to nature, Bossòst has a lot to offer. In this section we show you some of the many opportunities to learn and experience more about the spirit, culture and history of our people.

We highlight …

Aran Park

A park to display the native flora and fauna of the Val d’Aran. Deer, roe deer, lynx, wolves, otters, marmots and bears coexist on the 16 hectares of this park located next to the Port del Portillón, in the heart of the Pyrenees.

Trade and leisure

Bossòst, in the Baish Aran is a land of commerce, ideal for strolling through its streets and enjoying the shops and establishments.

  • Hiking, mountain biking and cycling routes for children and adults. (see map)
  • Wide variety of accommodation.
  • Enjoy an excellent gastronomic offer in our bars and restaurants.


Probably one of the strong points of Bossòst is its rich, varied and excellent gastronomic offer in bars and restaurants, some of them recognized by the prestigious Michelin guide.

Traditions and festivals

  • Holy Week processions (Good Friday and Easter Sunday).
  • Pilgrimage of Sant Antoni (June 13).
  • Festa Major de Sant Ròc (August 15 and 16).
  • Andito Gastronomic Week (winter).
  • New Year’s Eve race (December 31).

Fairs and markets

  • Fairs: Easter Monday, June 25 and October 5.
  • Weekly market: every Wednesday, from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm.
  • Every Thursday: discounts at shops and Pintxo Pote.

10 places you can visit:

  1. Romanesque church of Santa Maria dera Purificacion (12th century), a beautiful example of Lombard Romanesque architecture.
  2. Protective routes of the 6 hermitages, the 19th century laundry and the medieval castle of La Soala de Casteràs.
  3. Passeig deth Grauèr and its lively shopping area.
  4. Historic center: Cap dera Vila.
  5. Bossòst Sports Area (swimming pool, tennis, gym, squash and other activities).
  6. Port del Portilhon: viewpoint, forest
  7. Aran Park: Pyrenees Wildlife Park.
  8. Place of Còth de Barètja.
  9. Margalida and Victoria Mines.
  10. Garonne River: walks, fishing, hydroelectric industry.

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